Paul & The History Of The Church

evil, because any mistake can be redeemed only by buying a certificate. (Manken in his Treatise on Right and Wrong on hal.187 on-198).

Not including the disgrace that befell the nuns were targeted affair monks (See the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics with respect to specific descriptions of the priesthood and religious belief AD and Arnold Toynbee in The Study of History). Because after all human nature can not be against human nature given by God to live in pairs, in love and need a life partner. (For reference please find a book entitled The Sex Lives of the Popes by Nigel Cawthorne written).

As a result of decline and fall of the church, people began to hate the church was not happy even with a variety of decisions tend to be strange and unjust. This event continues long enough, so that the confidence of people began to falter and confidence in the Pope had become extinct. Finally came the Reformation movement under the leadership of the revolutionary tokoh2, among others:

A. Pieter Waldoe: He is popular in the late eleventh century AD. He was a merchant in France, another wealthy. Tremendous love for religion, so he began to translate the Bible.
2. John Touler (1290-1361 AD)
3. John Wicelif: He was an English priest (1320-1384). He taught at the University of Oxford, but then he rebelled against the church. He said that the Pope himself wallowing in sin and error. The Pope had no right to teach religion to others. But his life ended with a sentence of 13 years in prison and after death his body was removed from the grave and burned.
4. Martin Luther:
Date October 21, 1517 M is an important day in the history of the Church. At that time Martin Luther declared his revolution against the Pope in Rome after seeing with his own eyes on the Pope's life pattern. Martin Luther revolutionary movement aroused the German people against the pope. Martin thought they were supporting. When the Pope of Rome to see his power already threatened to collapse, in 1520 he made the announcement and looked at Martin Luther's theology as a bad faith to 41. He asked everyone to burn the books of the infidel and atheist.

And from him it dukungan2 various parties formed a new group that split from the Catholic church and founded a new church, which PROTESTANT CHURCH.

5. Zoungely is one of the transmitters reform movement launched by Martin Luther. When his visit to Rome, he witnessed abuse of the Pope and the Catholic Church.
6. John Calvin founded a new church itself as the Reformed Church, the other with the Protestant Church. Besides the church formed a new faham2.
7. John Nuks: He saw up close that was the Pope's soul is far from religious, moral degenerate, a lot of deviant behavior, they are greedy and greedy unspeakable. Then he was arrested, imprisoned, tortured and exiled for 17 years. But he was released at the request of King Edward VI.

Formation is identical with the Catholic Church, while in the glory of the church tend to like a dictator and determining all the decisions, and faham2 hukum2 dogmatic that led to a variety of aberrations such as falling over, the reformer just protest all actions of the Church and little deviation change of ideology-the ideology The church's decision, but it was clear that the result of too much leaning to the belief that the instructions of the Holy Spirit comes by itself (and not according to the instructions / religious laws that have been defined) then the power of evil spirits (satan) will inevitably lead, no matter wherever he's kind of a saint .

How can we trust a religion that developed three centuries after the prophethood of Jesus. In terms of geography alone can deny. How could Jesus located in the Middle East but developing his doctrine of Europe (Rome, Italy)? Not to mention that the name originated in terms of Isa became Jesus, John became John the dll. Including the name of the founder of the Christian religion itself that begins Syaul to Paul?

Paul's teaching that contain lots of Greek myth, this myth was a lot of support, from the people around Mediteraan, the Mediterranean Sea.

He supported them by Irenaeus (150-202 AD), Tertullian (155-220 AD) Origens (185-254 AD) and Anthanasius, which Bapak who gave birth to Trinity who lived circa 298-377 AD, who had pioneered the Trinity in city court Nicea in 325 AD

Anthanasius stand well behind St. Augustine (354-430) and Gregoryus Nyssa (335-394 AD). Them, these supporters think, think and talk, how to solve the problem but the one God is three.

So we wonder if it is not then listen to the councils, such as the Council of Nicea, Council of Ephesus, council of Alexandria, etc., where in each council will be born is also a "new developments of the Lord," such as the removal of the original gospels, the banning of the priest- padrinya mating and so on.

In times like that I mentioned earlier, nor are all people receive the teachings of Paul's crazy, because at the time of birth is also the factions Nestorius (388-440 AD) and Arius (270-350 AD).
Both groups are well-known persistent against the teachings of Paul, as he still believes that the worship no other God but one God, and their opposition is what ultimately lead to human hunting is not peerless, in which ideological opponents murdered by being burned alive, pitted with lion, dragged by a horse or punished under foot by the elephants.

The Romans saw the existence of a chaos-chaos in the country, is not standing still. Riot-religious riots if allowed, will likely lead to a better things big and too dangerous. That is why in the year 326 AD, Constantine the Great kaizar soon hold meetings or city council of Nicea, where the factions Tertullian, Origen, Anthanasius met with a group of Nestorius, Arius and his friends are contemporary with him. The idea of ​​the Emperor may not be addressed by the community, then the invitation came from was not half.

In the debate, they split the two, namely the factions who maintain Jesus as a man, and the class of groups that defend Jesus as Lord.

Due to the absence of agreement, the emperor took the decision (decree) that Jesus is God and man, half God and half human. This idea received only 2 votes, 10 votes were penolaknya. Since the two sounds are closer to the tastes of the emperor, the history and record of 2 wins this vote, those who accept the idea of ​​God human beings against the person of Jesus. Emperor was then entered into a general decree that everyone must accept his idea.

So start here massive human slaughter, where anyone who reject the teachings of Jesus was God and man was killed by a variety of nefarious ways. Later it turns out well, the Roman emperor Constantine the pagan kings converted to Christianity, and the possibility of starting this years Christian began to birth, in a form named: Catholicism General meaning.

The Council apparently I was not yet able to accommodate all the aspirations of the ummah. So they then held a second council in the city of Constantinople in 381 AD, which decided again that the Son is Homo Osius with the Father (Creator).

The Council is also in the second they added Rokhulkudus material as the third person of God, so full of God born of God the Father and the Son and Rokhulkudus. In the years this is likely to begin to embellish the Gospel of Matthew with the words: Go all the world baptizing all the people with the name of the Father, the Son, and Rokhulkudus (Matthew 28:10).

The Council held the third city of Ephesus in 439 AD, in this council issued the order to condemn the teachings of the Nestorians and Arians are bidaat it. And they issued a declaration of war against the Gospel, in which all the original gospels were destroyed or diapokratipkan. As we know, he had lived during Jesus' followers as well, which fro-writing sermons and preaching his teachings because in those days was the alphabet have been found. Jesus' disciples there are 70 people. of which 12 are to be named in the Gospels. From the records of Jesus' disciples, then we know it today has been recorded with the name of the Gospel, which was named by their respective authors such as: (1) Gospel Markion, (2) Gospel of Egypt, (3) Gospel of Eva, (4) Gospel of Judas, (5) Gospel of Nicodemus, (6) Gospel of Thomas, (7) Gospel of Barnabas, (8) Gospel of Matthew, (9) Gospel Yosepus, (10) Gospel of the Twelve, (11) Gospel of Truth, (12) Gospel of Mary , (13) Gospel of Jesus, (14) Gospel Andreas, (15) Gospel Pilipias, and others


Opposite that of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that teaches false doctrines. Luke, for example, he is from Paul's personal physician. He writes in the Gospel, by themselves also possessed Paul's teachings. This can be evidenced in writing the story of the apostles, which certainly seems the tendency to lift up the name of Paul, even these students and mendewakannya mengkultus half. Luke compiled his Gospel according to Mark's parents or Ur-Markus. While Mark himself instead of someone known. Matthew wrote his Gospel according to Ur Mark also, so Matiuspun plagiarized. That is why the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke met a lot of phrases or sayings of the same, in addition to the existing contradictions.

Then how is the Gospel of John? Let us follow the description in his book Jarnawi Hadikusumo: Overview about the Old Testament and New, which read 69-74 pages or less: 1. Gospel of John is not included in the Gospel Sipnotik, because once the content and other history. According to the Christian faith, the Gospel of John was written by John the beloved disciple of Jesus. (John 13:23 and 21:20).

That is why the Christian faith, the author of the Gospel of John is John the son of Zebedee brother Jacob, a son of Zebedee was among the twelve disciples. 2. By historians to be more credible, the son of Zebedee John was killed by King Herod Agerippa I in 44 or 66 M. Though the new gospel of John was written around the year 100 AD So right then, this gospel was most likely written by John Prebester priest hearing Friday in Asia Minor who lived in the first century AD. He wrote his Gospel with the intention to oppose the teachings Corentus and Irenaeus. It is dikuaykan again by the books Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica mainly basing his statement on Bishop Papias Hieropolis. Similarly, the information presented by Dr vang. J. H. Bavink in his book called: "De Weg Van Koninkrijk Gods."

Historically, the character Paul, aka Saul appeared about the year 38 AD Some are saying the 80 M, but I think that obviously she was living at the time of Jesus, at least he was contemporary with Jesus' disciples. Paul was a protege Gamalied, a famous teacher, expert law and philosophy. Paul was a Greek mother, and father of the Jews, so that religious instruction is a combination rather than earned the trust Yahweh and Hellenism.

and motivated by hatred against the father who according to historical inquiry never loved Paul, he is very hostile to his father, even the nation and the religion of his father. We too can be read later in kirimannya letters, how it washes clean-Jews, even though the Torah.

Regarding PERSONAL sukubangsanya, he gave Paul iawaban as follows:
A. He was a Roman, in his statement to the Romans. (The story of the Apostles 16:37)
2. He was a Jew, in his statement to the Jews. (The story of the Apostles 22:2)
3. He was a Pharisee, in his statement to the Pharisees. (The story of the Apostles 23:6)

PAUL'S TEACHINGS In his teachings he brought, he, Paul, teaches something that is felt by the community is very new. Conclusion teachings are:

A. He taught that God is not one but two, namely God the Father and God the Son. (I Corinthians 1:3)
2. Jesus is also the same God and sehakekat with Him. (Sda)
3. Jesus was crucified, dead and buried, rise again the third day, seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He was crucified to atone for the content of this world, for they were all have sinned, no one is justified anymore, including his own and the great prophet Muhammad (Romans 3:10, Romans 5:8, Galatians 1:4)
4. He, Paul, taught that the law is no longer valid, since the crucifixion of Jesus on Golgotha ​​hill. He then argues that the law of Moses is the true source of all sin, and a curse that no peerless. (Romans 4: 15, Galatians 3:10, Galatians 2:21). In the Galatians 5:4 he says: Then you are going to be justified by the law of Moses, has been divorced than to Christ. Rum is also in 7:6, Galatians 3:24 and 25, Romans 10:4: He emphasizes that Jesus Christ was penyudah or penammat Torah.
it halal or haram exception. (The story of the Apostles 10:10-15)

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