Christian worshipers of GOD THE SUN (SUN DAY) Horus

Christian worshipers of GOD THE SUN (SUN DAY) Horus
Perhaps few are familiar with Mithra and Horus, but as these readings will also know why, did not know it ta'aruf, of ane of the story of jesus story, of course, wrote a brief story and of course comes from the Book (PL and PB) , because ane not want the story of jesus U.S. Isa.

Jesus according to Christian belief is the child born of the virgin Mary (of Muslims to agree here), Jesus was born on 25 December 1 AD (although there tuh ga nyari arguments), what we know about the story of Jesus?

Of course only a referral from a Christian story. His birth marked the emergence of a star in the east, and followed by three Zoroastrian who blessed the new savior. Jesus was a teacher at the age of 12 years and was baptized by John the Baptist at the age of about (still roughly in the gospel) ages 30 years and began to spread his message. Jesus had 12 disciples and performed miracles such as healing the sick, walking on water and raise the dead. The nickname given to Jesus is "King of Kings",

"Son of God", "savior" de el el, Jesus was betrayed by his disciple Judas Iscariot who benama, Judas is paid by the Romans for 30 pieces of silver, and Judas said, "The person I kissed was Jesus", after Jesus was arrested, then on the cross and three days later he rose and ascended into heaven. Up here the story of Jesus according to Christian. Ana will not debate the issue of the story is the story line or shape you want ana tell the story of the pagan god this story.

Horus >> Horus is the Egyptian god was born 3000 years BC, the story of Horus means there 3000 years before Jesus was born, then how the story of the god Horus this? Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25, her birth marked the emergence of a star from the east and then to find three kings to become the new savior. 12 years has been a teacher, age 30 years was baptized by Anup, since it began to spread his teachings yes. Horus had 12 disciples accompanying, did have a miracle cure for the sick, walking on the water. Horus also has the nickname "The Light", "Son of the blessed God," "Lamb of God" de el el. After being betrayed by his disciple Typhoons, Horus was crucified and rose again three days later. If you yourselves trying to find pictures of Horus, you yourselves will find a full picture, how the bird-faced Horus depicted a coiled cobra snake and describe the sun god Horus. And in the book "DILEMMA MAJORITY", explained that the Zionist Illuminati signifies a state under the influence of the gods by giving them the symbol of the country, and the eagle is symbolic of the god Horus (?).

Mithra Mithra was the god of the sun >> The most famous of Persian, born in 1200 BC was born of a virgin on December 25 and has 12 students and many do wonders. After his death three days later he rose again. And is most famous for worshiping god Mithra was done every day of the week or sunday, sun = sun, day = day. So a special day of worship on Sunday. That's the story of the ancient pagan gods, how their story is very similar to the story of Jesus as a God of Christians, of course there are many other gods who have stories similar anymore. Example:

Of the Greek god Attis >> Pirigia, born of a virgin on December 25, 1200 BC, died on the cross and rose again three days later.
KRISHNA Gods from India, born of the virgin Devaki was born 900 BC, marked the emergence of star birth from the east, performed miracles with his disciples and rose again after his death.

Dionysus Dionysus emergency >> Greek was born of a virgin on December 25th, 500 BC, a teacher who traveled and performed many miracles like turning water into wine, known as the "King of Kings", "Son of God" de el el and of course the rise again from the dead
There is a lot of pagan gods was told that maybe if all of the core must be bored because the story as an example: Osiris of Egypt, Baachus of Greece, Budha Sakia of India, Salivana of Bermuda, Odin of Skadinavia, Indra of Tibet Bali of Afghanistan Jao of Nepal, Beddru of Japan, Gentaut of Mexico, Fohi of China, Ixion of Rome, Prometheus of Caucasus and dah bet there are many other gods who have similar stories of all ... From Indonesia may Dewa 19?

WHY THE SAME? Why can the same story? Why born by a virgin? December 25? Then rose again from the dead?. According to some people it deals with the problem of the sun, seasons and events.

The first-born that same problem as similar to astrology, the star appears on the east side is the star Sirius (Sirius lhoooo), the brightest star at night, on December 24 and parallel to the three-star Sirius is the brightest of the constellation Orion, the three The stars represent the three kings are there in the story above. The four stars are pointed toward the rising sun on the 25th of december, so why the three kings have always shown that they indicate the beginning of the rising sun. And it symbolizes the virgin or virgin virgo star, look at the symbol virgo? Virgin holding a picture of wheat, in the Latin virgo is virgin. Virgo can also be interpreted granary bread. What is interesting is the phenomenon that occurred on December 25, the winter solstice (hehe so do not bother donk, it pretty studying astronomy), when viewed from the north, the sun looks more and more down and down, his name automatically pass the winter due to lack of sunlight . So that the winter is considered as the process of death to the old-fashioned. Regarded as the death of the sun. On 22 December the sun "off" completely. And the interesting thing is the sun stops moving for three days keselatan (22,23,24) and for three days, the sun is in the "southern cross" or the constellation Crux, his name is also the shape of the cross yaaa so rich star. And after that on December 25 the sun moves one degree north, this means carrying spring, new life. So the story of a dying sun (sink) for three days and then rise (rise) again. But society will not be used to celebrate the resurrection of the sun until the spring solstice, when the Passover, because it means the sun has completely overcome evil.

That's just the problem of birth and death and rose from the dead, then why should you have 12 disciples? 12 students is the symbol of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, that Jesus and other gods are described as the sun. (So who likes to read, including the pagan zodiac forecast).
Then issue the trinity, Jesus entered the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), it is also already in the story of a pagan god, Mithra is the Person of Tridewa (Mithra, Ahirman, Ohrzmad), Osiris also Person of Tridewa (Osiris, Isis, Horus), Baachus also Person of Tridewa (Baachus, Apollos, Jupiter).
Penance? God Mithra, Osiris, Baachus equally to die for the sins of mankind.

So that's the explanation is confusing (if you watch the video might be a little understood deh), but hopefully you yourselves ga confused, coz, antumkanorang clever (hehehehe, tok). Trust me if you yourselves have heard the story of Jesus is equated with Jesus or Moses, Abraham, Loth, David, they just can not praise the offensive.

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